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Interfaith Marriage Between a Jew and Non Jew

Intermarriage (or interfaith or mixed marriage) was disfavored by Jewish leaders for centuries. This still remains a controversial issue related to marrying for love, purely over religion. The Talmud law states that interfaith is completely prohibited by a Jew to marry a non Jew. In 1990, the National Jewish Population Survey confirmed that the rate of mixed marriages were at 52 percent among American Jews. Most Jews believe that through centuries of torture, slavery, and death, the community must stay together and marry within their own religion. This is especially so as the females carry the Judaic gene to their child....(more)

Sects and Religious Beliefs of Jews

There are many tiers of religious beliefs in the Judaic religion. The most religious are the Ultra Orthodox, followed by the Orthodox, then Conservative, and finally the Reformed. Depending on which country the Jewish person or family lives in, these may be classified differently than in the United States. Orthodox in Europe is the same sect title as Conservative in the United States. Reformed in the United States means they follow the religion more liberally, but in Europe and Australia, this means an individual who has converted to Judaism by law....(more)

Judaism 101: The Torah and Other Important Texts

Judaism is the oldest Abrahamic religion still practiced. The study of texts has been an important part of the religion for centuries. The important texts of Judaism are full of both history and information about the Jewish religion. The study of these texts is a crucial part of learning about Judaism....(more)

The Beliefs of the Jewish Religion

The Jewish people have specific beliefs that follow the Torah. The Torah includes the 613 commandments that God ordered Moses to write on Mount Sinai and gave him the tablet comprising the 10 commandments, as part of the 613 written. God stated that the Jews were His "chosen people" and must spread the words of the Torah to all mankind. The Jews follow these commandments as Jewish law and this is the core foundation of Judaism. The more orthodox Jews will follow each of the 613 commandments but most Jews follow at least the 10 commandments alongside the Talmud (the Judaic laws)....(more)


8 Locations to Continue Jewish Adult Education

Sometimes, as an adult, you wish to continue your lessons within the Jewish faith and community. There are many locations across the United States for you to extend your education, no matter what it is that you wish to learn. Whether you've fallen out of touch with your beliefs or just want to find out more about your history and culture, these services let you do that. The following eight are great resources to begin with....(more)

What It Means to Be Jewish

What it means to be Jewish is that a Jew comes from the Hebrews or Israelite descendants and are born into the faith. The religious gene is through the mother so if the mother is a Jew, regardless of how religious she is, her children will also be of the Judaic faith. Jews are educated in religious school and the synagogue, on their ancestors, history, and to follow the Talmud (laws) and Torah (commandments). Regardless if someone is religious or not, being of the Jewish faith has strong cultural meaning and an emotional bond with other Jews around the the world. They all have a strong connection to the land of Israel....(more)

Judaic Leaders in Jewish History

Jews are educated about their Judaic heritage and religion from a very early age. This is through family teachings and education at the religious schools and in the synagogue. As a proud race and religion, the Judaic culture around the globe comes from a strong sense of community; surviving massacre, genocide, slavery, and torture. Some of the most important people in history were Jews. These leaders paved the way for the Holy Land to become the home for millions of Jews....(more)


5 Things to Know About Jewish Reincarnation

There are spiritual notions that are not mainstream ideas in many religions. It can be easy to forget just how differently religious texts can be interpreted. One of these interpretations within Judaism is about reincarnation. The idea is fully supported by Hasidic Jews, but not by traditional texts. Here are five things to know about Jewish reincarnation....(more)

The Major Beliefs of Judaism

Like Christianity and Islam, the major beliefs of Judaism are similar to other monotheistic faiths, but also include a unique tenant of community. Both the Bible and the Torah describe the Jewish people as "God's chosen people," meaning that they are the deity's agents on earth....(more)

Memorial Candle in the Jewish Religion

The yahrzeit (pronounced yort-zeit) candle is used in various memorial and sad occasions as a symbol. This is to commemorate and remember the passing of loved ones or a historic, Judaic occasion where Jewish people were killed. The philosophy behind this is that there are no prayers said, as the candle is sufficient enough as a symbol of sadness. Jews will light the heavy wick during a Shiva for immediately family, anniversary of a death, and to remember genocide where six million Jews were killed in the hands of Hitler....(more)