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Judaism and Monotheism

This article will discuss the history of monotheism (belief in One God) in the Jewish religion....(more)

Judaism's Influence

The long, rich history of Judaism gives the Western world much of its shape today. Many of the laws, traditions, culture and values are attributable to Judaism....(more)

A Biography of Abraham

Abraham, whose life is found in the Bible, taught the world about One God. This article will discuss the Jewish tradition concerning his biography in greater detail....(more)

Uses for the Jewish Shofar

The Jewish shofar is a ram's horn that is used for religious reasons. It is associated with synagogue services for the high holidays Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. The horn comes in a variety of sizes, but the sound is still the same. In Jewish history, the horn is mentioned frequently in the Bible, Talmud, and rabbinical literature. The blast of the horn from Mount Sinai was designed to make the Israelites tremble in awe. In Judaism, it was also used to signify the start of a war and later used as a musical instrument....(more)

Orthodox Judaism

5 Rituals of Judaism

A major part of Judaism is being thankful to God and expressing thanks throughout each day. People in the Jewish religion also practice many ceremonies connected with gratitude to God. The rituals correspond to events that occur in life including birth, marriage, reaching adulthood and death....(more)

What is the History of the Hassidic Jew?

Hasidic Judaism is a movement that follows many rules from Kabbalah, which is Jewish mysticism. Hasidic Jews follow God's commandments through love and prayer in recognition for his gifts. The Hebrew word for Hasidic Jews is Hasidim. There is an active population in the United States in the New York area....(more)

Practices and Beliefs of Orthodox Jews

Orthodox Jews believe that both the written and the oral Torah are of divine origin, containing the specific words of God without any human influence or intervention. According to Judaism, they believe that there is one God and that all men and women are created equal. They also confirm that the Messiah will come to Earth (sent by God) when the human race is very good or very bad, and they honor the Ten Commandments....(more)

Conservative Judaism

Learning About Bloom Syndrome

Bloom syndrome is a condition that predominantly strikes Conservative Jews. The condition is an inherited disorder that affects one in 100 Ashkenazi Jews. The main reason why the condition is so prevalent in this group is because they encourage people to marry within the faith, thereby limiting genetic variation. Here is some information on its causes and effects....(more)

A Brief Introduction to Satmar Conservative Judaism

Judaism, like most world religions, is marked by the existence of numerous sub-sects. Among these are the Satmar Jews. Satmar Judaism is a unique perspective. The group has actively engaged in positive social movements, and taken stances that conflict with much of modern Ashkenazi Jewish perspective. The group, as you will see below, is fascinating in its perspectives and functions, and has a complex and intriguing history....(more)